Four, perfectly spaced, axis bucks walking off.
Three of our curious, and also perfectly spaced, breeding does. What is it with these axis?
Two axis does fighting. They pawed, and wrestled for what seemed like forever.

At times they'd stand on their hind legs like exhausted boxers, forehead's together, forelegs hanging, catching their breath.

The youngsters followed and crowded around in excitement.
More does slugging it out. You can see the typical black stripe down her back between the two rows of spots.
The doe on the right had been pawing the other, and now she's just clutching while the other balances against her.

Axis does are also notorious for biting.

You can clearly see the typical row of spots near the belly--they almost form a line.  If you can only see the body of a spotted deer in the woods and are trying to tell if it's an axis, sika or fallow, this can help with a quick ID.
Axis bucks relaxing in the velvet and hard horn.

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